What does The PRME Blog publish?

The PRME Blog publishes predominantly, although not exclusively, contributions in written form. Since its target audience is beyond academia alone, contributions have a vivid, accessible style that ensures making its contents attractive for a broad community of interested readers. In addition, The PRME Blog invites other types of contributions, notably videos and podcasts. 

Examples of what The PRME Blog publishes include, but are not limited to:

  • Opinion pieces that are built on provocative arguments and that challenge what is in order to help spur Responsible Management Education and can spark discussion and debate
  • Briefs based on (published and unpublished) academic research on Responsible Management Education
  • Testimonies of Responsible Management Education (in the form of experiences and experiments)
  • Challenging ideas and visions for Responsible Management Education

Contributions to The PRME Blog can be solicited and unsolicited. In both cases, PRiMEtime welcomes contributions that are consistent with its aims and profile. The PRME Blog’s Editorial Board is responsible for the contacts with prospective authors and, together with these authors, ensures the quality, relevance, and timely publication of blog posts.

Want to contribute? Drop us an email at primetime@unprme.org