Session II: Setting the Incentives for Responsible Management Education

Session description: Following the previous afternoon’s discussion, and building on the insights from previous PRME meetings, Session II revolves around the external factors that encourage change within the global business/management school system and the challenges of managing those change processes. This session will look at some of the key drivers, including: accreditation and rankings; student demand; political /legislative change affecting curricula, and funding at the national level.

Building on the concrete outcomes from Session 1, participants will have the opportunity to select a focused table discussion on a specific external incentive, with the goal of identifying ideas for collective action, needed resources and support, and specific action steps that could enable this external incentive to become a driver for responsible management education.

The main questions of Session 2: What are the external incentives (e.g., accreditation, rankings of business schools), and how can they further support the values of sustainable development and responsible management education?

  • Question 1: What are the possible collective actions to influence and to (further) align this external incentive (see explanation above) to implement responsible management education?
  • Question 2: What assets, leverage points, and capabilities of PRME and other partnerships and actors (e.g. governments, companies, others) can be tapped?
  • Question 3: What specific action steps should be taken to implement these solutions?

Please provide your thoughts/answers in the comments box below. Comments will be included in the discussions taking place during the Global Forum in Rio.

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