About this blog

About this blog
The PRME Blog (formerly PRiMEtime) is the online chronicle of UN PRME that publishes timely, engaging, cutting-edge, and provocative contents developed by the broad community of professionals involved in Responsible Management Education.

The PRME Blog serves as a mechanism for reflection, a point of inspiration, and a call to action for protagonists of Responsible Management Education within academia, business and wider society. It gives voice to uncomfortable truths, is emboldened by an activist streak, and does not shy away from critical views. It wants to reflect the impatience in challenging what is, since, after all, there should be no other form of management education than Responsible Management Education – and there is no time to waste in realizing this ideal.

Against this background, The PRME Blog aims to:

  • Share new research and insights into, experiences with, and ideas for Responsible Management Education
  • Connect the minds, hands, and hearts of professionals and stakeholders of Responsible Management Education
  • Challenge organizations to contribute to building just, healthy, inclusive, and prosperous societies through Responsible Management Education, against the background of imminent sustainability challenges mirrored by Agenda 2030

History of The PRME Blog (PRiMEtime)
PRiMEtime was a joint initiative between author and sustainability expert Giselle Weybrecht and the Secretariat of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact. Giselle came up with the idea in August 2011 to showcase ways that educational institutions were putting the Principles into practice. At a meeting at the PRME Secretariat we discussed how there are, on one hand, many universities around the world testing out some really interesting and innovative ideas that others could learn from and, on the other hand, many others that are interested in these issues but are not sure where to start. We wanted to create an interactive space to gather, share, and discuss these issues, and PRiMEtime was born.

PRiMEtime brings together and shares best practices on how to mainstream sustainability and responsible leadership into management education globally. The blog will serve as a platform to share and discuss inspirational activities that promote the development of responsible leaders. The blog will feature examples from around the world and will include both success stories and lessons learned. Posts will cover a wide variety of activities, ranging from efforts to embed sustainability and responsible leadership into curricula, student led initiatives, and the outcomes of partnerships with business, NGOs and other schools.

The PRME Secretariat makes no representation concerning, and does not guarantee, the source, originality, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding, interpretation, advice or opinion contained within this blog. The inclusion of examples does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the individual academic institution or organization by the PRME Secretariat. The material in this publication may be quoted and used, provided there is proper attribution.