Adapting to a New COVID-19 Reality – 9 Tips and Tools for Schools (part 2 of 2)

Please continue to send me any stories, examples, tips, research, online events, successes, challenges anything you are willing to share that is helping you or that you believe may help others adapt quickly, move forward and survive in these incredibly difficult times. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or look pretty, whatever it is please send me your examples ( Feel free to also send your questions and I will be bringing the information together and sharing regularly.

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here are five more thoughts for moving forwards with some links to past PRiMEtime posts that may help you. Click here for Part 1 that looks at mental health and innovative teaching approaches.

5. Supporting those making the difficult decisions

Influencing SDG Policy in South Africa and Beyond – The SDG Hub at the University of Pretoria online platform that aims to connect South African policy makers with the resource and innovation they need to implement the SDGs.

Effective Governance comes from well-equipped legislators – IESA’s Legislator Training Programme aims to train parliamentary members and other officials within the national Assembly.

6. Using the tools you have to raise awareness

Griffith Business Schools work in using social marketing to further communicate and engage audiences in the Sustainable Development Goals

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School’s involvement in the Smart Sustainable Cities Challenge exploring innovative, interdisciplinary and collective ways to strengthen their city.

How to Raise Awareness about the Global Goals with Students  looked at how students at Copenhagen Business School have been raising awareness about the SDGS.

Developing a Sustainability Disposition looks at the work being done at La Trobe Business School around ensuring that students aren’t only taught about sustainability but on creating a mindset of change.

7. Leaving no one behind

Business and Business Schools Working Together at the Local Level is a multi-part series looking at how business schools are collaborating with local businesses to further sustainability goals within different national contexts as well as facilitating outreach learning, policy dialogue and collective action.

Empowering Refugees through training and funding – Monash University Malaysia is one of many examples explored in PRiMEtime of schools engaging their growing refugee communities.

Engaging Employees with Intellectual Disability – Antwerp Management School looks at research on how to attract, develop and retain employees with an intellectual disability. You may also be interested in looking back at several of the posts that were part of a Special Series on (Dis)ability and how business schools are being inclusive and supporting students with different needs.

Redefining the role of older people looks at University for Seniors Programme at the American University of Beirut that aims to reach the steadily rising older population in Lebanon, addressing the aspirations of many older adults to remain intellectually challenged and socially connected.

A Free University for All Citizens – HEM in Morocco provides a space where people from all walks of life can attend seminars and learn free of charge.

8. Catch up with your reading list

2020 Reading List – Looking Forwards with the 2018-2019 PRME Champions gives an overview of recent papers, research, books and websites that the Champions recommend reading.

5 Climate Change Resources from the United Nations Global Compact and, while you are at it, reread the resources that have been developed by the Working Group on Climate Change and Environment – An Introduction and Overview.

10 Resources Around the Sustainable Development Goals is one of many posts that outline some of major documents produced around specific Goals.

Faculty Development for Responsible Management Education – A PRME Champion Project from 2015 includes activities to enhance a faculty members knowledge of responsible management theory and practice.

9. Try (where possible of course) not to forget your new year’s resolutions

Last, but not least, try not forget your new year’s resolutions (for example these from the 2018-2019 PRME Champions). They will most probably change in some way, but hopefully that will end up being for the better. If you are working on your latest Sharing Information on Progress Report take a look at some Tips for Writing a More Effective SIP Reports as well as the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons experiences using the SDG Dashboard. Finally a link back to the PRiMEtime Guide to Implementing PRME: 100 Tips from Signatories, many of which can help us at this point to think about, or rethink what we are doing next or, at the very least, inspire us to keep moving forwards.


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