New Year’s Resolution – Looking Forwards with the 2018-2019 PRME Champions

PRME Global Forum
PRME Global Forum 2017

Now that 2019 is past us, lets focus on 2020. To start off the year I asked the 2018-2019 PRME Champions 5 questions in relation to PRME and will be posting their answers throughout the week. The first post explored new initiatives, the second recommended resources, the third offered advice to signatories and the fourth looked at measuring impact. Last but not least I asked what their New Year’s Resolutions for PRME are.

Evgenia Pashkevich, IBS-Moscow, Russian Federation

There are great discussion and resolution made at each PRME meeting, but between the meetings not much is going in the some of the Chapters and with the Champions. I’d love to see more guidance and maybe Chapters need to have more definite goals that would be monitored by PRME.

Christian Hauser, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland

Consensually resolve the current governance issues of PRME so that the community can devote its full attention and energy to contributing to achieving the SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030.

Gustavo Fructuozo Loiloa, ISAE/FGV, Brazil

My wish for PRME is for the network remain united and integrated, showing the power that collaboration between people has for society. In addition, we are increasingly broadening our impact on the SDGs and I want PRME to become a reference in the integration and insertion of the SDGs in higher education institutions.

Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School, Australia

Following on from our theme of ‘Students as Partners’ at our regional ANZ forum, we have started working with our student success team to develop a framework to engage our students as partners within the business school.  We would like to extend this challenge to the PRME community and learn about what others are doing in this space globally.

Alex Hope, Newcastle Business School, United Kingdom

To share more resources as a network. As Co-Chair of the UN PRME Working Group on Climate and the Environment, I have been developing a website for the group which includes a repository of useful climate and business related material, teaching examples and a way for others to better engage in the working group. The website will be launched in early 2020.

Carole Parkes, Winchester Business School, United Kingdom

Transparent decision making and appropriate effective, governance at global level.

Sheila Killian, Kemmy Business School, Ireland

We’ve been working with others through both the PRME Champions group and the local PRME Chapter to foster more research on PRME and SDG issues. I’d really like to do more on this, and to see it getting some critical mass internationally.

Kutlwano Ramaboa, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa

I’d like to see the work that we are doing as PRME Champions be communicated more to other Signatories. WE have a lot of strong ongoing projects that would benefit the rest of the network with their efforts.

Rumina Dhalla, Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, Canada

For 2020, I’d like to see more research collaborations coming from the PRME Champions, including publications, funding, conference presentations and workshops. I’d like to explore ways to engage with business schools in regions such as South and East Africa. I’d also like to leverage on my Vice-Chair role of the PRME North America Chapter to increase participation in PRME memberships related events.

Paul Palmer, Cass Business School, United Kingdom

I’d like to see more dialogue and open sharing of ideas. We have to be less protective of ideas, learn to share failures and work in progress. We also need to be more adaptable and design flexible initiatives that can be applied in diverse contexts while following core SDG principles. It would be great to see more ongoing dialogue outside formal meetings/ conferences.

Alec Wersun, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

GCU believes that there is great scope for the PRME Community to undertake collective action around the SDGs, perhaps to coincide with COP 26 in Glasgow from November 9-19th 2020.   Let’s make our collective voice even louder!

Jill Bogie – Hayley Pearson – Morris Mthombeni, Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa

As we targeted in our 2018 SIP Report we would be interested in exploring and assessing the feasibility of an Africa (or Sub-Saharan) Chapter of PRME, with the support and guidance of the PRME Secretariat.

Sanchi Maheshwari, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

We have a herculean task of achieving the SDGs by 2030, so all need to come together strongly more than ever and work on more tangible and action-oriented projects. Overall, through PRME we should engage more schools in Africa and Asia as lot of untapped potential lies there and it will also offer an amazing opportunity for partnership and dialogue, to exchange knowledge and to learn from each other.


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