2020 Reading List – Looking Forwards with the 2018-2019 PRME Champions

Now that 2019 is past us, lets focus on 2020. To start off the year I asked the 2018-2019 PRME Champions 5 questions in relation to PRME and will be posting their answers throughout the week. The first question can be found here. Second, I asked them to share one recent paper, research, book, website or thought piece that they think others in the PRME network would find helpful for their work relating to integrating the SDGs into curriculum, research, partnerships and operations.

We have developed an SDG blog series related to the SDG videos that we created with our CR3+ partners – Hanken School of Economics, ISAE and Audencia.  This was recently featured on PRiMEtime. Each video covers one SDG and includes information on the SDG targets plus an example of a research project or teaching project on the topic of the SDG that the business school is involved with, – Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School, Australia

Although this is not a business school website, I am going to recommend “The Embedding Project” which is a resource to help companies at embed sustainability into their decision-making and business operations. There is an open access website full of resources and many of these could also be used by business schools to integrate the SDGs into their core business. – Jill Bogie – Hayley Pearson – Morris Mthombeni, Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa

I would recommend the SDGs blueprint developed during the 2018-2019 Champion cycle surely. Apart from this Redefining Success: Integrating Sustainability into Management Education: edited by Patricia M. Flynn, Tay Keong Tan and Milenko Gudić. – Evgenia Pashkevich, IBS-Moscow, Russian Federation

I’d recommend my paper in the Journal of Business Ethics: From Preaching to Behavioral Change: Fostering Ethics and Compliance Learning in the Workplace. – Christian Hauser, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland

First take a look at the Good Practice Handbook for the Dissemination of the SDGs in Education Institutions developed by a group of PRME signatories in Brazil and the UN Global Compact Network Brazil. This collaborative report brings together the experiences of the group that focuses on encouraging action and contribution to the UN agenda. Another resource is this paper on Faculty sensitization and development to enhance responsible management education published in the International Journal of Management Education. – Gustavo Fructuozo Loiloa, ISAE/FGV, Brazil

Our new paper, currently on open access in The International Journal of Management Education, sets out how small practical student projects working with industry can result in large scale, positive impacts on society and the environment. – Alex Hope, Newcastle Business School, United Kingdom

WikiRate is an international collaborative initiative that provides an open source platform which can be used by academics, students, companies and non-governmental  organisations in order to assess business contributions to the SDGs. This recent paper, published in the International Journal of Management Education by twelve PRME colleagues in 7 countries provides more information. – Alec Wersun, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

This paper in the International Journal of Management Education is directly useful to anyone looking at curriculum or student engagement – it’s basically a “how to, and what we learned” about the setting up of a relevant module. Social Media for Social Good: Student engagement for the SDGs, – Sheila Killian, Kemmy Business School, Ireland

Two forthcoming publications : The first – due to be published this month January 2020 is a second Special Issue (SI) on PRME in the International Journal of Management Education.(IJME) This second Special Issue follows the 2017 PRME 10th Anniversary SI (which looked back over the first decade of PRME and looked forward to the era of the SDGs) This SI was launched at the 5th Responsible Management Education Research (RMER) Conference in November 2018 in Cologne, Germany. The theme of the conference was Leadership Development for Advancing the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Many of the papers are already available online. The second is: The Sage Handbook on Responsible Management Education and Leadership Education (RMLE) which is now in production and will be available Summer 2020. – Carole Parkes, WinchesterCarole Parkes, Winchester Business School, United Kingdom

This publication from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) – Australia/Pacific titled ‘Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities: A Guide for Universities, Higher Education Institutions, and the Academic Sector’ may be helpful for some. The UN Sustainable Development Solution Network has excellent resources and data, and the SDG Academy is really good source for resources for teaching SDGs. – Rumina Dhalla, Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, Canada

Don’t forget to look outside conventional academic resources. My team learn from hubbub.org.uk about constructive and positive environmental activism. Paul Palmer, Cass Business School, United Kingdom

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