12 Visuals to get inspired by for your next SIP report (part 2 of 2)

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports, beyond being a requirement for PRME signatories, are an opportunity to bring together the work a school is doing in the area of responsible management education, reflect on that work and explore future opportunities. SIPs can provide an important communication tool to raise awareness both internally and externally about your initiatives. Using visuals in your report is one way to bring the information contained within your report to life, to make it easier for your stakeholders to navigate, understand, engage in, and to take action on.

To inspire your next SIP report, here are 6 more visuals taken fro of the different approaches taken from different schools (Click here to read part one). For more examples you can browse through all of the SIP reports on the PRME website.


Some of the SIPs are including an introduction to what the SDGs are and why that is important, especially to their school. Below is the visual included in BI Norwegian Business School’s 2018 report that outlines their commitment to the SDGs and includes the full SDG logo.

Sobey School of Business in Canada conducted a faculty survey in 2017 to learn more about current inclusion of SDGs in course curriculum. The respondents were also interviewed in person. Their 2018 SIP report goes into more detail about this process and also includes a number of visuals, including this one included below, that outline where different SDGs are covered in the programmes.

The University of St. Gallen decided to use the SDGs to providing orientation to its engagement. It selected seven SDGs as relevant impact areas for the sustainability strategy and outlines in their report the achievements and goals of the university related to each.

Macquarie University Faculty of Business and Economics in Australia provides this visual that outlines how many funded research projects focus on the different Goals and provides additional information relating to each of these projects including partners and funding.

Another approach schools are taking in their SIP reports is to tell short stories of different efforts and projects happening on campus that relate to the SDGs. This is what the University of Auckland in New Zealand did in their latest report.

This visual from the Universidad del Pacifico provides an overview of what the school is doing around the SDGs (note that the report is in Spanish). Further information is included throughout their report.


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