12 Visuals to get inspired by for your next SIP report (part 1 of 2)

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports, beyond being a requirement for PRME signatories, are an opportunity to bring together the work a school is doing in the area of responsible management education, reflect on that work and explore future opportunities. SIPs can provide an important communication tool to raise awareness both internally and externally about your initiatives. Using visuals in your report is one way to bring the information contained within your report to life, to make it easier for your stakeholders to navigate, understand, engage in, and to take action on.

To inspire your next SIP report, here are 12 visuals (in two parts) taken from recent SIP reports. These visuals all show different ways that signatories are engaging in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more examples you can browse through all of the SIP reports on the PRME website. Throughout the months of January and February check PRiMEtime for more posts focused on the reporting on the SDGs in the SIPs.


Many of the SIP reports that mention the SDGs do so by placing the relevant SDG logo next to the text outlining the project. For example, Bentley University in the United States does this throughout their 2018 report.

Some signatories are starting to audit their research outputs in order to determine which relate to which SDGs. For example at Kent State University in the United States they used the data collected and created an infografic that reflects the focus of faculty research and which SDGs the school feels it makes more of a contribution towards.

KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business in Belgium includes a materiality index in their report outlining which sustainability issues are most material to the school. This is done in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative.

Ashridge has been tracking their carbon footprint since 2006 and although now Hult International Business School, still report on it in the SIP. The report goes into additional details about how the schools is embedding sustainability on campus in their operations. Their report has many excellent visuals presenting data that they are collecting yearly to track their progress on PRME related projects.

Glasgow Caledonian University conducted a mapping exercise of the work of seven of the University’s research centres against the SDGs. The report goes into more details of how the work of these research centres is impacting the individual Goals.

As part of their commitment to PRME and the SDGs, the School of Business and Management – ITB in Indonesia created an area in the new business school building called of the PRME Corner. This corner is the activities centre of the PRME team and was designed to attract attention and increase awareness of the SDGs.



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