Sharing Information on Progress Reading List for 2018 (Part 1 of 2)

A central commitment of any institution participating in PRME is to regularly share information with stakeholders on the progress made in implementing not only the Six Principles but also the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This is done through the Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports every 24 months (although more and more schools now report annually). The SIP should not only be seen as a requirement for signatories. It is an important tool to raise awareness about your initiatives internally and externally, helping to define strategy and direction, assist with tracking and benchmarking. It can help to foster a sense of achievements and create new synergies and collaborations.

Over the next few weeks I will be focuses in on the SIP. Almost 300 SIP reports were submitted by signatories in 2018. Here I highlight 10 of these. This is not a list of the best of 2018 as there were too many excellent reports to share here, but rather 10 reports worth highlighting for their different approaches including from Champions, Advanced Signatories, first time reports and long time Signatories from around the world.

Winchester Business School at the University of Winchester in Winchester, United Kingdom has been a signatory since 2008 and is a PRME Champion. Their latest SIP report incorporates the SDGs throughout. “The fact that the PRME Principles align so closely to the values and mission of the University makes our commitment to PRME a central part of the vision of the Business School and helps to shape our future in being part of the continuing development of PRME … at Winchester, the integration of the SDGs is the driving imperative in our continuum of further embedding responsible management education.”


Kent State University College of Business Administration has been a signatory since 2016 and this is their first SIP report. “This report provides an overview of the array of actions in our College over the past two years that support the mission of Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). During this time, we established a solid foundation upon which our future e orts can build. We gained commitment for PRME from faculty and sta ; created a presence of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in our building, in our curriculum and at our college events; and launched our College’s Responsible Leadership Initiative.”


The School of Business and Management at the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Bangung Indonesia has been a signatory since 2014. “We see that the principles and network of the PRME signatories are strongly aligned with our mission to education students to be innovative leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and to develop and disseminate knowledge of business and management for the betterment of business, government and society.”



Macquarie University Faculty of Business and Economics in North Ryde, Australia has been a signatory since 2016 and this is their first SIP report. “Our goal in the Faculty of Business and Economics is not simply to provide a high-quality business education relevant to the needs of modern organisations. We have a broader purpose: to produce graduates with the insight and awareness to understand the bigger picture, and with the desire to make a real long-term difference. At the core of the Faculty’s mission is our commitment to developing leaders that are engaged global citizens, and that make a positive impact in the world of business and society at large. “

UniCESUMAR in Maringa, Brazil has been a signatory since 2014. Their second report not only incorporates the SDGs but is also fully bilingual. ”The planning of our actions is in line with the values disseminated by PRME, and we realize that these activities, related to the PRME and the SDGs, bring our academic community as a whole closer to the demands of the current professional market in the world.”


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