Six (More) Reasons to take your SIP Report seriously

One has only to browse through the extensive collection of Sharing Information on Progress reports available to download from the PRME website to see the wide variety of approaches in terms of format but also in quality of reporting.  But a report should not only be seen as a requirement to be a Signatory, it can be an important tool to help drive your efforts forward and to connect with multiple stakeholders. PRMEs basic guide to help established and new Signatories to put together an SIP Report (available in both English and Spanish) provides many reasons why schools are taking reporting seriously.

Here are
6 more reasons why the SIP report should be seen as more than just a requirement of being a Signatory to PRME.


  1. Reporting gives you a way of knowing where you stand and where you want to go. A report can be seen as an overview of what you are doing, what has been done, but also a tool of identifying what is missing and the way forward. This is particularly relevant now with the Sustainable Development Goals and understanding how your schools is already engaged in reaching the Goals, but also how it could engage further.


  1. Reporting brings the school community together towards a common goal. It also provides a map of what is happening across campus allowing individuals, whether that is students, staff or faculty, to identify others who might be interested in their own work, or contribute to the work already happening on campus. This can be an important tool to help connect with other departments and disciplines within your University as well.


  1. Reporting itself is a skill graduates need to know. An increasing number of individuals working directly on sustainability strategies within large businesses are saying that understanding reporting allow students to better understand the nuts and bolts of what is happening within a business in regards to sustainability. Having a sustainability report on campus already begins to show students what is possible, especially if they are engaged in putting together the report as well.


  1. Businesses are increasingly looking at business school reports. When it comes to understanding what a business school is doing in sustainability, but also what priority areas, or specialty areas the school is focused on within sustainability and the SDGs more particularly, reports are a good way for businesses to learn more but also to see how seriously a particular school is taking these topics.


  1. Potential students are looking at the reports too. Rankings are not everything when it comes to choosing a school. Students are looking for a school that provide the right fit in terms of teaching and additional learning opportunities. Students are looking through sustainability reports including your SIP report to learn more about your approach to these current topics.


  1. It allows the PRME Secretariat to learn more about your initiatives. The more the Secretariat knows about what you are doing, the more they are able to connect you with possible partners and to promote your projects.



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