A Selection of MOOCs on Sustainability and Ethics for September 2017 (Part 1 of 2)

UNESCO Systems Thinking Course

Every year there is an increase in the number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) available on sustainability topics. These courses are available for free online and open to anyone with an interest in the topic, lasting between three and fourteen weeks and taking three to eight hours per week to complete. Below is a selection of such courses starting in September 2017, listed by topic, from PRME as well as some non-signatory schools.


Strategy and Sustainability – This course explores how all business must have a strategy to deal with sustainability and, like any strategy, this involves making choices by filtering out the noise and make them in a clear-eyed way. IESE Business School – Started August 28.

Managing Responsibility: Practicing Sustainability Responsibility and Ethics: This course explores the range of issues that managers are increasingly confronted with and how to deal competently with such challenges. University of Manchester – Starts September 4.

Supply Chain Innovation: How Technology Can Create a Sustainable Future – This course focuses on how new technologies can make supply chains more sustainable and learn how to deal with today’s trends. University of Twente – Enrol now.

The Science and Practice of Sustainable Development – This course introduces the origin and key concepts of sustainability and how to apply those to sustainable development practice. University of Queensland – Enrol anytime.

Making an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals – This course covers the basic definitions and history of sustainable development and sustainability in business – from a niche interest to the present day. University of Bath – Starts October 23.

Sustainability through Soccer: Systems-Thinking in Action – This course takes learners on a journey through a progression of systems-thinking and sustainability concepts using the game of soccer as an analogy. University of Virginia – Starts September 4.

Systems Thinking and Complexity – This course addresses the practical problems that arise in social systems in the context of management and public policy at local, regional and global levels. It is problem-oriented, providing you with both the theoretical understanding and practical tools, to find and implement solutions to organisational and social problems. UNESCO – Starts September 4.

Circular Economy An Introduction – This course explores the Circular economy: how business can create value by reusing and recycling products, how designers can come up with amazingly clever solutions and how you students can contribute to make the Circular Economy happen. TU Delft – Enrol anytime.

Environment, cities and climate change

Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities – This course explores sustainable cities as engines for greening the economy. It connects to key trends in urbanisation, decarbonisation and sustainability. Lund University Starts September 11.

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs – This course describes specific solutions to the vexing urban challenges we all face and students can see how these ideas might be applied in their own areas. They focus on the conceptual framework of ecodesign, see real examples and come to understand the tools, processes and techniques for policy development and implementation. University of British Columbia – Enrol anytime.

Global Environmental Management – This course explores the best environmental technologies for a sustainable development and how they are managed in various settings around the world. Technical University of Denmark – Starts September 11.

Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries – This course challenges students to consider how one might lift societies out of poverty while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and explore the inherent complexity of developing country government wanting to grow their economies in a climate friendly way. University of Cape Town – Starts October 2.

Climate Change – This course explores how climate change will affect us, why we should care about it, and what solutions we can employ. Macquarie University – Starts September 11.

Elements of Renewable Energy – This course explores renewable energy using the four Greek elements as weekly themes: earth (renewable energy sources), air (wind power), fire (solar) and water (hydropower). The Open University – Starts September 11.

Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development a Business Approach – This course looks at how integrated landscape management and large scale landscape restoration should be in every company’s business strategy in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goal on Land Degradation Neutrality. Erasmus University Rotterdam – Starts 18.

Water Resource Management and Policy –The course explores the main issues and strategies linked to water resource management and understand the many variables (environmental, institutional and political), which affect water and which, in terms of management, may require adjustment. Public University of Geneva – Started August 28.

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