Reporting on the SDGs – A Visual Tour of Different Approaches (Part 2 of 2)

Signatories are increasingly reporting on their efforts in relation to the SDGs in their Sharing Information on Progress Reports (SIP). Although we are still in the early stages of reporting on the SDGs within management education, there are already several schools that are exploring a range of approaches for their whole reports or parts. Here is a two part, visual tour of how Signatories are reporting on the SDGs. (Click here to see Part 1 of 2)

7. Create a guide to easily identify which initiatives a school is doing in relation to each Goal. Externado University Management Faculty

includes a table of contents in their SIP report that links the whole report to the SDGs.

8. Reporting on audits and current status. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania used the SDGs to benchmark the coverage of sustainability topics within the business programme.

9. The University of Wollongong in Australia published a chart that represents the % of faculty research grouped by SDG.

10. Reporting on goals moving forwards: SKEMA Business School (France) has included a section at the end of their report that focuses in on how they are currently working on the 17 SDGs and what remains to be achieved

11. Connecting the SDGs to your campus and operations. Hanken School of Economics (Finland), reports on how the SDGs relate to activities that are happening within their campus.

12. Highlight specific initiatives relating to the SDGs. Several schools highlight specific initiatives throughout their report that focus on and impact the SDGs including Kemmy Business School.


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