Global Student Networks Engaged in Sustainability in Management Education

Almost every business school now has at least one club on campus that aims to bring students interested in responsible leadership and sustainability together. Many of these clubs are part of global networks.

These campus clubs not only provide a space for interested students to meet, but are an important resource for sustainability faculty and staff champions working on embedding responsible leadership on campus. All of these clubs are engaged in bringing the Six Principles of PRME to campus in different ways.


Oikos is an international student-driven organization for sustainability in economics and management founded in 1987 in Switzerland. The organization focuses on embedding environmental and social perspectives in management and economic programmes and curriculum. There are over 1000 members in 40 oikos chapters around the world. Although the numbers may seem small, these students are very active and committed. The oikos Fellowship Programme offers students scholarships to research sustainability in economics and management. Oikos also has a joint initiative with GRLI called Commit (Change Of Management Education & Methods In Teaching) launched in 2015. Schools active in oikos include the University of St. Gallen and the Faculty of Economics and Management at Witten/Herdecke University.

Net ImpactNet Impact

Net Impact is a community of more than 80,000 students and professionals creating positive social and environmental change in the workplace and the world. The focus of Net Impact has shifted over the years from curriculum change to helping students find post-graduation jobs in the field of sustainability, therefore driving transformational change in the workplace. However, Net Impact clubs on campus are still active in the curriculum change space and regularly publish Business as Unusual, a guide rating graduate programs’ integration of social and environmental themes. There are three types of Net Impact chapters: undergraduate, graduate and professional.Net Impact also has an active alumni group. Schools with gold status Net Impact Clubs include American University of Beirut, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Duquesne University.


Enactus, formerly known as Students for Free Enterprise, is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable future. Students, organized into clubs on university campuses, work on projects with their local communities. There are 70,000 club members in 36 countries. Local Enactus clubs organize annual national competitions to showcase how students are transforming lives and enabling progress through entrepreneurial action, with winners going on to represent their country at the Enactus World Cup. Schools with an active Enactus club include Hertfordshire Business School and Thammasat Business School.


AIESEC is a global platform made up of students under the age of 30 interested in world issues, leadership and management. Their goal is to prepare responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders by providing practical leadership experience to students. The organization empowers students to take part in volunteer opportunities locally and abroad and provides links to opportunities for internships. The organization spans 126 countries and territories and all aspects of its operations are managed by students and recent graduates. AIESEC also has a strong alumni network. Schools with AIESEC clubs include Beedie School of Business, University of Wellington, and the George Washington University.



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