The Future Corporation – A Student’s Perspective (Part 1)

The 2014 LEAD Symposium held late last year by the UN Global Compact and PRME, challenged participants to sketch a vision of The Future Corporation, identifying key characteristics of what the sustainable corporation could and should look like in the future. They looked to provide a beacon for the transition of the global business community that is already underway, fuelled by deeper integration of sustainability into strategies and operations.

Students at leading business schools around the world were invited to contribute their thoughts as to what the Future Corporation will look like through a short essay. Twenty-seven videos were submitted from Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Colombia and the United Kingdom. A montage of the videos was showing during the Symposium and can be accessed here.

This year’s winner was Kamil Majeed from Sabanci University in Turkey

Kailash Ahuja and the student team from Pforzheim University in Germany (Honorable Mention)

Rahul Vincent Kachhap from Nottingham University in the UK (Honorable Mention)

Sandra Choma from ISAE/FGV in Brazil (Honorable Mention)

Leonardo Boesche from ISAE/FGV in Brazil (Honorable Mention)

Miguel Torres from Universidad Externado in Colombia (Honorable Mention)

For more on the outcomes of The Future Corporation Symposium including video recordings of the event click here.


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