Creating a Student Journal – European College of Economics and Management

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 16.23.39The European College of Economics and Management (ECEM) in Bulgaria has had a busy year. The past year has seen their new Sofia campus awarded building of the year in Bulgaria in terms of education facilities, the college launched a new Sustainable Development Policy and courses to support the sustainable development mission, and ECEM launched a new peer-reviewed journal for students around the topic of sustainability. For more on the new student journal and how it came about, I spoke with Vesselin Loulanski from ECEM

What is “Science and Business?”

At the beginning of 2014 we launched a new peer-reviewed journal for students, calling it Science and Business. The journal aims to enhance student-university collaboration in research, and focus on applied research including sustainability issues. The journal also aims to increase professional and personal development opportunities for our students.

Science and Business covers aspects of modern institutional development, societal roles, and capacity building. We want it to focus on applied research to bridge the theory with the real world of economics.

How was it created?

The process took various steps in preparation, time and effort, yet within three months, the idea turned into the first issue of the journal.

We approached this journal very much like any other academic journal and were pleased to see that students took the project seriously. The difference with this journal was that design mattered more, and there was a focus on making it look modern and be more accessible, with a focus on professional rather than scientific content.

What kinds of articles have been featured?

In the first issue there were three business case studies—two papers focused on the tourism and hospitality industry (cultural heritage management and sustainable tourism), and a last paper on economics. Our second issue was a special issue with all six articles from award winners of a national competition which took place under the Union of Economics in Bulgaria. The topic was on e-commerce and global market trends, and articles came from Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students.

Each article is reviewed by a member of the editorial board as well as the editor, and final decisions are made at an editorial board meeting. The special issue was edited by the jury of the national competition with approval of the editorial board.

What advice do you have for other schools thinking of doing something similar?

Do not hesitate to lead the process. Students and faculty are happy with the journal. There has been serious submission interest and the journal is getting media attention. We are now looking to further improve the review process and the design of the journal, and hopefully introduce some English language papers. We will also probably have a series of special issues on topics of importance to the business sector in Bulgaria.


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