Online and connected: Creating a Sustainable Campus using Apps – (part 1)

OnlineOrganizations around the world, from business to NGOs to individuals, are creating apps for smart phones. These mobile apps enable people to connect to networks, get access to real time data, receive feedback and understand information in a visual way.

Although these apps are not focused specifically on university campuses they are easily used in green campus initiatives. In the first part of this three part series we will look at apps that help a campus reduce paper, water, energy and waste.

Reducing Paper

WorldCard Mobile allows cell phone users to use their phone to take a picture of business cards picked up at academic events and translate them into the phone’s contacts. TurboScan turns your phone into a scanner for documents, receipts and other items.  MailStop Mobile lets you take pictures of junk mail you don’t want to receive and provides help take you off those mailing lists.

Reducing Water

My Water Diary allows you to track your water usage over a week and aim to reduce your consumption. Waterprint lets you calculate your water footprint. Drip Detective shows you how much water and money is being lost from a water leak. Daily Water Free reminds you at various times every day to drink water to ensure that you are drinking enough water.

Building/Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Facilities Mobile brings together sustainable building and workplace design guidance to make it easy to identify sustainable practices and evaluate options for implementing them in renovation projects. JouleBug is a game that organizes energy-saving tips into achievements, motivating players to live more sustainably. Light Bulb Finder turns your phone into a light bulb expert which helps you to identify any light bulb and provides options for more sustainable options. Offset4Poor helps you to not only measure your carbon footprint but also offers the choice to offset your emissions by paying for carbon saving work projects.

Recycling on campus

iRecycle helps find local, convenient recycling opportunities for over 350 materials. Aluminate allows you to track the aluminum cans you have recycled and where you can go to recycle them. Some businesses provide web-based programmes to engage consumers and small businesses in recycling and provide apps to help them keep track of their status such as Recyclebank and Opower. GreenCan helps users locate the nearest public recycling bin for a range of different items such as organics or electronics.

What apps do you use in your business school? Have you developed any apps to help drive your sustainability efforts? Share your experiences in the discussion board.

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