Spreading the word about PRME on campus


Signatories to the Principles for Responsible Management Education from around the world are using a wide range of strategies to integrate PRME into their curriculums and raise awareness about the Principles among their students and staff. One method that schools from all regions of the world are able to implement is to create posters with the 6 Principles of PRME on them and posting them in high visibility spots around campus as a way.

Several schools such as ISAE FGV in Brazil (pictured below) and the University of Hull in the UK created large posters with information about the Principles and their commitment to these which are placed on walls around the entrance to campus. In Peru, Centrum Católica (pictured above) displays a poster with the Principles on campus and in each classroom. This makes students aware of the school’s commitment and, as a result, students will often ask faculty and administration for more information about the initiative.


In the USA, Thunderbird School of Global Management has posted information about the Principles across campus. They are also used as a guideline in curriculum development and as a pedagogical tool. Many of their students report that they chose Thunderbird based on its commitment to managerial professionalism and responsibility.

In Canada, MacEwan School of Business created a poster which was unveiled when they first became a signatory in January 2011 and is now displayed on campus.



In the United Arab Emirates, the University of Dubai put the PRME poster with the six Principles in three locations on campus; at the main entrance near the reception, in the students’ foyer and in the MBA lobby. The purpose was to create awareness about the organization and UD’s commitment to the Principles. In addition, all students have to take a core course, “Business and Society,” in which students learn about PRME, the Global Compact, and how the UD is involved in each of them.


In Jordan, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh College of Business decided to show the written Principles to increase the awareness of both students and faculty members and show how they are deployed in the school’s MBA program. Introductory sessions were held to raise awareness of PRME and explain how TAGSB is fully committed to the Principles, assuring the full understanding of how crucial it is to align them.

Many of the schools listed have created their own banners; however, the PRME secretariat also has a banner which is available to download from the PRME website at http://unprme.org/resources/display-resources-sub.php?scid=10.

– Do you have a poster on campus showing the Principles? Let us know and send us a picture. – 

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