Contributing to the Global Forum and Rio+20, even if you can’t attend

The 3rd PRME Global Forum on 14-15 June 2012 will be the official platform for management-related Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) at Rio+20 – the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – and the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, hosted by the UN Global Compact. The Forum will provide a space to discuss and mobilize action around two fundamental questions:

  1. What is the role of management and leadership education in society for the future we want?
  2. How can the PRME initiative facilitate individual and systemic change within higher education as the community mobilizes action toward achieving the Rio+20 vision on sustainable development?

During the Forum there will be three facilitated discussions to ensure knowledge sharing among participants (view the Agenda of the Global Forum and the Participant Guide, which explains the plenary/roundtable discussion format). During these discussions, participants will come together to discuss concrete action plans that they would like to initiate or continue at their school, within a partnership of schools and/or other partners, as well as for PRME as an initiative and learning community. A summary of the proposed action plans will be presented at the closing session. The feedback received during the round table discussions will also contribute to the final outcomes document.

For those of you who are not able to attend the Forum but would like to contribute to the discussions, we have created this platform. Three questions will be discussed during the three respective discussion sessions;

Session 1: How should sustainable development affect the management education sector?

Session 2: What are the external incentives (e.g., accreditation, rankings of business schools), and how can they further support the values of sustainable development and responsible management education?

Session 3: What are the challenges, opportunities, and successes by individual schools to (further) implement responsible management education? How can PRME help in this process?

To take part in the discussion, click on the respective links above to the three sessions. Comments submitted to this online discussion space between now and the Forum will be presented at the event and contribute to the final outcomes document.

You may also be interested in voting for PRME and the Global Compact in the2nd round of the Rio Dialogues. Learn more here. For more on Rio+20 click here to read past blogs on the topic.


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